Our Expertise

Financial Planning

Financial planning and advice is essential if you are to achieve your personal financial goals. Our financial advisers conduct a thorough financial needs analysis to establish and define your needs. They achieve this with world class training and the best financial planning tools at their disposal and will ensure best advice is given as your financial plan is tailored to your personal requirements and needs.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is key if you want to enjoy your retirement. Retirement planning consists of two phases: pre-retirement funding and post-retirement income. Pre-retirement funding means investing in a retirement annuity. Things to consider include how much you can currently afford to invest and how long you have until you reach retirement age. The second phase - post-retirement income - requires investing the proceeds of your retirement annuity into a life or living annuity. Post-retirement income considerations include choosing a product that is able to sustain capital growth while you receive an income and regularity of income payments

Wealth Planning

By using our structured advice process, Integrated Wealth Planning, you and your financial planner have access to our wealth management solutions and specialist capabilities using the Liberty platform. They include Private Client Securities, Fiduciary and a range of specialist investment solutions, like private equity and offshore funds. Our financial planning process allows you to have a single view of your financial world and presents you with a financial action plan, your wealth journey roadmap.

Corporate Planning

We partner with our clients to ensure they meet their corporate financial goals. We follow a relationship-driven approach and we provide employers with industry-leading retirement, investment and group risk solutions. 

Our clients range from small businesses to large corporates in both the private and public sector and intermediaries.

Fiduciary Services

Your last will and testament is one of the most important documents you will ever sign during your lifetime. Your will is an essential part of estate planning as it stipulates how you want your assets dealt with upon your death.

A Trust can be established in your will in order to hold and administer assets on behalf of a beneficiary. Whether it makes sense to set up a Trust fund depends on the beneficiary’s circumstances and the value of the assets.

Investment Planning

You may have personalised needs or goals ranging from short, medium to long-term. Our skilled advisors will help you structure the most tax effective investment for your needs. We offer a number of investment and savings solutions in which you can invest and each one is structured to meet a selection of investment needs depending on your goals be it education, medical, slush fund, holiday savings etc.